LBW Logo + WebsiteVery pleased today to officially launch our new website on an all-new domain. Up until now we’ve been in beta mode – testing and refining.

Our previous address at didn’t really work as we’re not in the UK so we’ve changed to which we hope is just as memorable and makes more sense to visitors from all over the world.

I remember saying to Emma, my wife, back in April that this would only take me ten days. I’ll just cut and paste all the information from the old website and have this thing up and running in no time. It didn’t quite work out like that. Two things happened. First I quickly realised the old one was much more out of date than I’d thought. It really needed a complete revamp – new photos, new copy, new sections, the whole 9 yards. Second, I found I really enjoyed the work. I’m not a designer by trade – I used to work in TV and now I’m a chef – but the whole process of finding fonts, editing photos, researching the history was just too good a way of spending time. But at some point the tinkering had to end and today’s launch date was set.

I do hope you find it useful. There are new FAQ and things to do sections and nearly every room now gets its own page. If there’s anything you’d like to see included write a comment below and we’ll try and incorporate it in the site. Enjoy!