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The kitchen is really well-kitted out and you should find all the facilities you need and more. Electric cooker, freestanding fridge freezer, microwave, washing machine, dishwasher, food blender, and cafetiere. The kitchen door leads on to a terrace dining and barbecue area and then up a few steps to the pool.

It’s a cliché but this really is the heart of the house. Right bang in the middle – it offers the most natural access to the pool and garden. You can easily put the finishing touches to your Coq au Vin in the kitchen while chatting to a friend sunbathing out on the terrace. The layout just works.

And guests always love it when they discover there is a second kitchen just off the main one and everything is doubled up! You’ll find a second dishwasher (just perfect for big parties), a second sink area, and a second full size fridge. This is also home to the laundry station – with washing machine and ironing area.


2 x dishwasher
2 x fridge
2 x sink
Kenwood mixer, Bosch kettle, Siemens hob

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