Gourmet Heaven

Calling all Epicures, Gastronomes, Gourmets and Gourmands.

Welcome to Paradise

Foodie’s Delight

Whether you’re eating out or eating in, your holiday at La Bomba will be a trip to savour.

There are sensational restaurants within a five minute drive and the local food markets are an absolute must – if only to soak up the atmosphere of a region that puts its food before everything else.

La Bomba lies in the Lauragais region of SW France – a famously fertile corner of France with a long tradition of farming and vegetable growing. In summer the landscape is ablaze with sunflowers and fields of golden wheat. No vines round here! The soil is much too good for the grapes (they prefer to work a bit harder).

Local delicacies include cassoulet, foie gras, duck, venison and goat’s cheese.

Top 3 Local Restaurants

Auberge du Poids Public

The Auberge du Poids Public in St. Felix is a veritable Lauragais institution. It enjoys stunning views out over the rolling countryside and a dinner on the summer terrace will be one of the highlights of your holiday. The food is Michelin-recommended “rustic gourmet” and you’ll do well to find a better cassoulet anywhere else in the region.

La Table D'Auberjon

New owners have recently taken over this one-time Michelin-starred establishment in Pomarede and are determined to restore it to its former glories. Food is modern French and show enormous promise. The deconstructed Tarte Citron and the Pork with Ginger were two stand-out dishes from our last visit.

Restaurant du Lac Lenclas

This restaurant has a special place in our hearts as it is just a 40 minute walk along the Rigole and has been the venue for some memorable family celebrations.  It has a delightful settting just by the lake and there’s a great picnic and play area for the kids. Food is good quality traditional French and and while not at the gourmet level as the other two it offers fantastic value and a relaxed al fresco atmosphere.

Local Food Markets

A stay at La Bomba wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one of the fabulous local food markets. They start early and finish soon after midday but they’re well worth the effort. Revel is a destination market for miles around and is said by many to be among the best in France.

Market Days

Revel – Saturdays
Castelnaudary – Mondays
Mirepoix – Mondays
Villefranche – Fridays

French Food Market Tips

1. A visit to the markets is a morning activity – most have packed up by lunchtime. Revel closes just after twelve. If you really want the best deals wait until near closing time and you will hear the stall-holders start shouting out fantastic prices to clear stock.
2. Look out for: Garlic -you’ll find fat, juicy, pink-tinged fresh bulbs everywhere. It’s excellent for roasting or barbecuing and spreading on hunks of bread or served with meats. Jars – other good buys are regionally prepared dishes such as confit de canard and coq au vin which are sold in big screwtop jars for about £3 to £4. The words “4 partes” on the label means it serves four.
3. Bring your own bags! You’ll end up buying a lot and soon running out of finger space. The best thing to carry it all in is a large wicker basket – easily bought in one of the local shops. Some cool bags for carrying chilled things in such as cheeses and pâtés could prove useful too.
4. Although credit cards are accepted widely in all supermarkets, cash is king in the local open air markets. And try to speak the language. Even if you can only manage some very simple phrases, the vendors will appreciate the effort and warm to you immediately. You might even get a discount!
5. No shopping lists! “Shopping lists pinch the imagination and close the eyes to what is on display.” Sage advice from Glynn Christian, the author of Edible France. Leave the list at home and let your senses take hold.

6. Parking can be tricky. We tend to park in the Leader Price supermarket carpark and walk up to the central square in Revel. You didn’t read this here!