Can We Stay One More Day?

Budding astronauts, sailors, and zoologists are all well catered for in the local region. And if your little one would rather just play in the pool all day, well, who’s going to stop him?

Keeping The Children Busy

We have three young children of our own and the annual summer holiday to La Bomba is the highlight of their year.

With a swimming pool, table-tennis and badminton all on tap, there’s plenty to keep the youngsters busy but there are of course some excellent options for those days out. 

Great Days Out

Cité de l'Espace

Just outside Toulouse, Cite de l’Espace is the showpiece of the European Space Project.


Fantastic museum packed with life-sized models and dinatronic wonders

Sigean Safari Park

France’s best safari park with over 4000 animals.

Grotte de Limousis

Fun-filled day out for young and fearless troglodytes

Cri De Tarzan

The ultimate day out for tree-climbers of all ages.

Chateau de Puivert

Well worth the drive to this medieval Cathar castle

Top Tips for Travelling with Children

1. Drive through the night. It’s tough trying to explain that the driving is going to stop eventually. Far better to plan a night time drive and let them sleep through. La Bomba is about 8/9 hours from Calais and even quicker through the night.
2. You can never have enough singalong playlists.
3. For night-time travelling, children love playing with those glow-in-the-dark sticks you can buy in camping stores.
4. Make sure iPads, Switches, PSP’s and iPhones are loaded up with cartoons and games they haven’t seen or played before. Less chance of boredom setting in.
5. Don’t take too many toys – you’ll be better off buying them at the destination (and La Bomba has a selection). But do take one favourite for the journey and something new that will spark his or her interest when you need some time out.