When we were contacted by French Property News last summer to give a few helpful pointers about doing up old French farmhouses we imagined a namecheck and a couple of quotes in an upcoming article.

We’d rather forgotten about the phone call until the end of April when we discovered that they were going to do something much more substantial with it. Imagine our delight on hearing the editor had turned it into a three page spread all about La Bomba – how we found it, why we decided to buy it and how we’ve kept it going these past 16 years.

The article is in the May 2017 issue and rounds off a very good couple of weeks for the house given that we have also been included in the Spear’s Top 500 Travel Guide. You should be able to pick up a copy of the magazine at “all good newsagents” (as they like to say) or click on the link below to download a the article in PDF format.

Massive thanks to Vicky Leigh at French Property News for including us. It’s a lovely piece and next week I shall proudly be getting it framed for display in the downstairs bathroom when I’m at the house opening it up for the summer season.


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